Stylish, fast and economical! Decorative decoration of the apartment using ISOTEX panels.

Stylish, fast and economical! Decorative decoration of the apartment using ISOTEX panels.

To make a high-quality and stylish decorative finish in the shortest possible time and without special skills is now quite possibly thanks to Finnish wall panels ISOTEX.

Isolates are finishing panels that are lined with either wallpaper or textiles. Particularly well ISOTEX panels are suitable for decorating a bedroom or children’s room. Indeed, in addition to their decorative function, panels play the role of heat and sound insulating material. With Izoteks, the walls will always remain warm, and the noise is suppressed without penetrating into the neighboring rooms. Also, wall panels are a natural and hypoallergenic product (they include groundwood without the addition of “chemistry” and natural linen, therefore ISOTEX has no drawbacks of particleboard, OSB or drywall), which allows you not to worry about the health of your children.

Today, this method of decoration is many times more effective (in terms of economy and speed) in comparison with others (alignment of walls, their puttying, wallpapering). The costs of materials in both cases are comparable, but the cost of the work will be much lower, in addition, finishing with Izotex can be done on its own and much faster in terms of time. In just a day you can decorate the entire room due to the extremely simple installation of panels, which even a fragile girl can handle, not to mention the average man. The panels can be fixed with a stapler directly to a wooden surface, to aerated concrete or concrete surfaces, as well as to old wallpaper with mounting glue. In addition, before this, there is absolutely no need to carry out work to align the walls.

ISOTEX is available with 2.55m and 2.7m panel lengths and 12mm thickness. Lateral connections isoteks made in the form of a “spike-groove”. Panel Base ISOTEX It is made of coniferous wood without the use of chemical binders. By itself, Izoteks is environmentally friendly, just like a living tree in the forest. The panel is quite simply cut with a normal construction knife. The joint is closed with decorative molding. Now, in the hypermarkets of building materials, a wide selection of various moldings (colored or painted) from various materials is presented. With a higher ceiling height, you can dock the panels at the level of the belt. The lower part is usually chosen a darker color, and the upper is lighter and usually the same texture. You can combine different types of finishes. For example, wood or cork finish and ISOTEX panels.

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