Recommendations for the manufacture of a frame for a built-in sauna, bath

Recommendations for the manufacture of a frame for a built-in sauna, bath

The main positions in the manufacture of a frame for a sauna:

  • structural material: glued bar or LVL;
  • second, closed-loop thermal insulation: 4mm plug in two layers;
  • the finish is set through a calibrated rear rail;
  • stone finish: mineralize slabs on a metal frame;
  • the frame is installed on the profile and has built-in channels for ventilation.

In the manufacture of the sauna frame, it is necessary to take into account the ability of the tree to collect and give off moisture, as a result of which dimensions are changed, which leads to the formation of cracks, distortions, violation of thermal insulation and appearance, after some period of operation. Therefore, it is better to use a glued whetstone or LVL 50x50mm. This will allow you to assemble a structure with precise geometric characteristics, strong, durable and least affected by changes in temperature and humidity, which is especially important when creating complex shapes.

The frame must be self-supporting and independent of the walls of the room. The support at the point of contact with the floor should be made of durable waterproof material, such as an aluminum profile.

Basalt insulation is used as thermal insulation, but over time it shrinks, so for better heat preservation we need a closed loop around the entire perimeter, we use a 4mm roll plug.

As a vapor barrier, the paper-based foil is traditionally used, but it is quite simple to “craft” paper because the infrared spectrum still does not pass through the tree. Finishing materials are installed through a calibrated counter rail.

If you plan to finish the wall with stone or tile, then this part of the frame must be made of a metal profile, prepare the surface for laying from the plate of menerite.

When designing the frame, pay attention to the placement of vents. channels. Only properly organized ventilation will provide convection of hot air in the sauna and a comfortable stay, a hole in the ceiling leads to rapid heat loss, a large temperature difference at the top and bottom of the sauna, and the presence of an overheated zone.

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