How to save on repairs and not lose in quality

How to save on repairs and not lose in quality

Repair is a real test, requiring a lot of effort, time and money. With proper planning, costs can be significantly optimized without losing quality. Consider what today you can save on when decorating premises, and how modern technologies can be useful in this.

1. The preparatory phase.

Design. Any repair begins with an idea. Many people consider spending on a designer an unjustified excess, so they exclude his services, first of all, creating a project on their own. Definitely, this will save you a lot, but we still suggest that you turn to the designers at least for advice. Show your concept to a specialist, it will help you avoid planning errors, determine the color, tell you which elements are worth paying attention to. Some designers work in the “specialist for an hour” format. It will cost you quite inexpensively, and the result will be impressive.

Estimate. Many were faced with a problem when consumables run out during the repair process at the right time. Or vice versa, you finish the finish and find unpacked packages of plaster. This can be avoided by using various online calculators.

For example, you can download VOLMA mobile application and use it to calculate the number of materials needed. The technology is simple and clear: you specify the parameters of your apartment, and the program calculates the number of necessary supplies, up to the number of screws. For example, if you plan to build a wall from drywall, you need to specify the surface area, the humidity level of the room, the wishes for the fire resistance of the structure and the layout of the communications, and the calculator will calculate the potential costs and give the right shopping list.

Time. When planning a repair, try to minimize the amount of wet work. For example, a cement-sand screed can dry up to a month. If you make repairs in your apartment and at the same time rent other housing, this can cost a pretty penny. Our advice is to study the market. Many companies offer high-tech mixtures that reduce time costs. For example, floor mix VOLMA-Level Express seizes within a week.

2. Logistics.

Purchasing If at the planning stage you know how many kilograms of putty you need, then you just need to buy it in bulk. Firstly, you will save a lot, and secondly, most hypermarkets with large volumes offer free shipping.

Take a look at the stocks of construction stores. It is no secret that many of them have various discount systems, as well as loyalty cards with a discount for new settlers, as well as buyers with a large purchase budget.

Construction garbage. Construction waste can also be saved. Cooperate with neighbors who are also busy arranging their home, ordering one truck for two.

By the way, the collection points for scrap metal and electrical appliances can independently take out the old stove and refrigerator, and sometimes even pay extra for it.

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