How to save on repairs and not lose in quality 2

How to save on repairs and not lose in quality 2

3. The selection of the brigade of workers.

The first impulse of any person who wants to save money is to do everything yourself. You can really glue wallpapers, paint walls and even build a partition from drywall (including using video tutorials on Youtube), but you still need to pay for professional plumbers for builders and electricians. It is advisable to choose those who have state registration (IP, LLC) and can provide a guarantee for their services.

A little trick – transfer part of the work to the cold season. This is the “dead season” when you can count on a good discount from the work team.

4. Finishing.

Walls. In addition to wallpaper and finishing putty with subsequent painting, there are also a lot of finishing options that can not only seem interesting but also significantly save the budget.

On the Internet, you can find many examples of the use of conventional plaster as decorative. OrdinaryVOLMA-LayerYou can get great analogs of Venetian or textured plaster, and sometimes create real masterpieces. Someone uses special rollers, a special application technique, improvised materials (sponges, plastic films and even a broom).

Another option for the original wall decoration is the use of OSB boards. This is compressed wood chips, the cost of which is about 200 rubles per 1 sq.m. It gives the walls a finished and pleasant appearance of a wooden panel, which does not need to be additionally painted and glued with wallpaper.

And you can completely abandon the traditional finish in favor of the “loft” style interiors – brick and concrete walls during such repairs are not finished with plaster, but simply treated with water-based varnish. Thus, effective repair can be obtained for minimal money.

Floor. It is believed that the most budgetary and utilitarian option for flooring is linoleum. It is easy to install, resistant to moisture and easy to clean. However, pitfalls may arise here.

First of all, for linoleum flooring, it is necessary to have a very even base. And if you bring to this the creaking floors of old Khrushchevs, then a square meter of “pie” will cost many times more than installing floors from a laminate. Speaking of squeaks. They can very well be removed in very budgetary ways. Some craftsmen “abundantly” hold out with self-tapping screws. Others – drill a hole in the area of ​​the “noisy” log and pass the mounting foam there, filling the space and creating something like a pillow in a “sore” place. It is clear that this is only a “patch”, but with total savings, it can help.

Ceiling. If you decide to save on the ceiling, choose a stretch. Its installation takes place in a matter of hours, and work is much cheaper than alignment.

Window. Windows are the weakest link in the energy profile of the structure. Despite their continuous improvement, they do not stop transmitting too bright and hot rays into the room in the summer and lose precious heat in the cold season. Therefore, it is not worth saving on the quality of the windows. When choosing a window solution, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the profile (it certainly matters) but also to the double-glazed window. Remember that 80% of the window is double-glazed windows – and a lot depends on its quality and characteristics. Cheap double-glazed windows will allow heat to pass through, and everything you can save on buying and installing windows will be found in your heating bills shortly.

Each master, for sure, will have hundreds more ideas and life hacks on how to save on repairs. We will be glad to share them in the comments to this article.

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