How to make a hollow log coffee table

How to make a hollow log coffee table

We are learning to make a modern coffee table in the form of a hollow log, with a glass top.


Tools: Materials:
  • Landing Saw
  • Electric jigsaw and wood files
  • Drill
  • 3/4 “(20mm) Countersink for wood
  • 5/16 ”(8mm) Drill
  • Orbital grinding machine
  • Propane burner
  • 15 caliber nail gun or a set of self-tapping screws that screw in flush.
  • (6 pcs.) Oak board 1×10 x 10 ‘(2.5mm x 25cm x 305cm)
  • (80 pcs.) 3/4 “x 1-1 / 2” (20mm x 40 mm) Stainless steel sleeve
  • (4 pcs.) 1/4 “x 4 ‘(6mm x 122cm) Threaded rod and eight nuts and washers to it
  • (4 pieces) 1/2 “(12.7mm) Clear silicone gasket
  • (4) 3/4 “(20mm) Furniture leg
  • (2 pcs.) Can of opaque polyurethane varnish
  • 32 “x 48” x 1/4 “(81cm x 122cm x 6.35mm) Clear tempered glass


Sometimes you have wonderful ideas for creating a coffee table, but, unfortunately, very often it turns out that it is completely impossible to find the necessary material for the manufacture. We wanted to make a table from a log with an empty core. A perfectly flat glass top and a winding, uneven cavity are exactly the combinations of perfection and imperfection that we were looking for. Nevertheless, an eternity could have gone in search of a real such log. We decided not to wait so much and took matters into our own hands.

Step one

Marking and cutting

First, we cut twenty identical pieces of 28 ”(71cm) long from oak planks. Then, in an arbitrary form, we draw a drawing of our “emptiness” on one segment. After that, we cut out the “emptiness” pattern with the help of an electric jigsaw and wood saw. I would like to note that it is very convenient to do with Festool since the stroboscopic illumination of such a cutting line is extremely convenient. In the future, we will use it as a template, for marking on all the remaining nineteen sliced ​​boards, tracing around the inner perimeter of the cut pattern. We mark the remaining boards according to our template and cut similar voids into them.

Second step

Drilling and firing

We drill one 5/16 “(8mm) hole in each corner in all planks, retreating 1-1 / 4” (32mm) from the edge. They are necessary for the threaded rod. Using a sanding machine with 220 (5-H) sandpaper, smooth all edges. We pass through each plate with a propane burner, burning the inside of the cutout pattern to make it similar to the natural decay of the core or its carbonization due to a forest fire.

Third step

We fasten the boards

Threaded rods are threaded through the drilled holes through all the plates so that the rod passes between each plate inside the sleeve, as shown in the photographs. Tighten with nuts, not forgetting the washers. Then, on the end planks, using a countersink for wood, we drill holes to a depth of 1/2 “(12 mm), draw the nuts to the flush position and install plugs to close the nuts and give an aesthetic appearance.

Fourth step

Making the foundation

Using the jigsaw, we cut two pieces 24 ”(61cm) long and two more 40” (101.6cm) long. Glue the corners with glue for wood and fix with a nail gun or screw flush screws. We also burned the tree to match the inside of the table cavity.

Fifth step

We attach the table to the base

Assembled, set the table on the base and fix it with a nail gun or self-tapping screws. Then we place 1/2 ”(12.7mm) transparent silicone gasket on each top corner. After that, we install 32 “x 48” x 1/4 “(81cm x 122cm x 6.35mm) transparent tempered glass. This one-of-a-kind coffee table can be made in one day. Using the DIY Do It Yourself skill it will cost you much less than when buying or custom-made.

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