Heating a country house: when to choose a solid fuel boiler

Heating a country house: when to choose a solid fuel boiler

Everyone knows what three things a real man should do: give birth to a son, plant a tree and build a house. However, do not dwell on this: you still need to raise your son, look after the tree, and keep the house warm. Fortunately, modern solutions in heating systems make it easy to cope with the third point, even in our cold and sometimes harsh climate.

Even if you have lived your whole life in an apartment of an apartment building, where the responsibility for heating homes is usually assigned to management companies, you have encountered the problem of heating a private house in one way or another: many have suburban dachas or an old grandmother’s house in the village. But seriously only those of our fellow citizens who permanently live in small towns and villages of our vast homeland, where individual residential buildings substantially prevail over multi-family ones, as well as those who, in an attempt to escape from noisy dusty cities, acquire a private house in a suburb or leaves to explore Sakhalin. According to statistics on the example of the Moscow region, a fifth of all residential buildings in the Moscow region in 2016 is private houses.

It is not surprising that the question of organizing the heating of individual houses is still an important topic of discussion for a huge number.

What heating methods are relevant today?

First of all, of course, gas! There is so much gas in our country that we are ready to distribute it to the right and left, but we still can’t really solve the gasification problem in our country: for 2016, only 66.2% of all in our country are “connected to gas” settlements. Those. at least a third of Russians use alternative heating methods. However, even in those NPs where a gas main has already been established, residents continue to dispense with the previous heating systems, as installing gas equipment for many is simply not affordable, and many people don’t like the gas monopoly and pricing.

Electric gas can be used as a counterweight to gas heating: here there is cheap equipment and installation and an unbearable charge for electricity, which grows exponentially with respect to the thermometer’s column, which drops significantly in the cold months. And given the factor that our hinterland suffers from periodic blackouts, it becomes clear why this option of heating systems is not in great demand in our country.

In our story, we will dwell separately on the most versatile, time-tested, most affordable and again gaining popularity method – this is heating with solid fuel (mainly coal and wood). And in particular, one of the most modern representatives on the market is solid fuel boilers Nedelka.

Most people of the older generation are well acquainted with the tedious and daily need to heat the stove, and then monitor and promptly throw fuel into the fire (mainly coal and firewood) to support the healing process. In the event that you went to work in the morning, then you would be guaranteed to have a cool, cold room waiting for you to return, and it all started anew: clean the ash from the stove, apply coal and firewood for ignition, light a fire and wait for the house to wrap yourself in a blanket heats up to a temperature when you can finally take off your outer clothing and no longer listen to this unpleasant knock of your own teeth. And if the house is big? And frosts for -30? We’ll have to live near the stove to keep warm in the house.

Cauldron “Week” allows you to forget about the need to run every couple of hours to the stove and look into the furnace. Its operating time at one fueling reaches 5-7 days. It is enough to set the temperature of the coolant at the outlet, and the automation will maintain the selected mode throughout the operation until the complete combustion of the fuel.

Another problem faced by owners of furnaces and other solid fuel boilers is related to the quality of the fuel burned. You can, as they say, do everything according to technology, however, if coal comes in a crappy quality, you will have to spend the night under two blankets. “Week” in terms of fuel is unpretentious and ready to work on the coal of any quality, whether it be fine dusty coal or lumpy. This allows you to save money when buying coal, part of the paid weight of which is usually eliminated and thrown away, as well as in the process of fuel consumption. In addition, the omnivorousness of this boiler allows you to burn not only coal in it, but if necessary also firewood, wood chips and all kinds of fuel briquettes.

Continuing the conversation about savings, another important factor should be mentioned. Often it is not possible to achieve the best efficiency of your heating system due to the fact that part of the heat generated by your efforts literally flies into the pipe. Therefore, the owner of the house is forced to spend more fuel, although a properly designed system could give you a chance to get by with little blood. High efficiency of Nedelka boilers is achieved due to the metered air supply to the combustion chamber, the correctly selected thickness of the water jacket around the entire perimeter of the combustion chamber and the low temperature of the combustion products at the outlet of the chimney. Given that due to the smooth combustion from top to bottom, the coal burns completely, leaving only a small amount of ash, the efficiency (and at the same time the savings) increase significantly.

From our short story, it may seem that solid fuel boilers are only suitable for private homes. In fact, this is not so: their application range is very wide. By choosing one of the four main models, the owner can heat the premises from small private houses to industrial facilities. For owners of small country hotels and roadside services, and a cafe, this heating method makes it possible not to become attached to a specific place equipped with the necessary resources. In addition, for those who are already heated with solid fuel and have a staff of specially hired people to service the boiler – stokers. Going to the Nedelka boiler allows you to abandon 3 stokers (usually working on a shift day or two days) in favor of one ancillary worker who devotes no more than an hour a day to the boiler.

How to choose a boiler correctly?

Naturally, the choice of the boiler should be determined by the characteristics of your home: the dimensions of the room and its thermal conductivity should be taken into account. Due to the fact that all models are equipped with the necessary adjustment and control devices that allow you to choose the optimal operating mode for each specific case, you should focus not only on the boiler performance but on the existing average coal consumption. Due to the long non-stop heating cycle, your homeowner no longer needs to spend energy on heating the room, but only on maintaining the already achieved temperature indicators. Therefore, knowing how much on average buckets of coal are spent on a daily basis, you can easily pick up a boiler for your needs. Each model is equipped with a loading chamber for the volume required for continuous operation.

As you can see, the versatility, efficiency, and ease of use make solid fuel boilers “Week” an indispensable tool in creating comfort and coziness even in conditions of complete removal from other benefits of civilization. At the same time, the reliability and safety achieved by the high-quality materials of which the boilers are made allow to provide the owner with a guarantee of 5 years, and the life of the boiler with the proper operation is at least 15 years.

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