GROHE faucets – how to recognize a fake

GROHE faucets – how to recognize a fake

The GROHE brand is so popular that quite often GROHE branded sanitary products appear on the market. In appearance, it is very similar to the original products and even sometimes somewhat heavier in weight. But upon closer inspection, you can see significant differences.

The main signs that will help to recognize falsification:

  1. The quality and method of applying labels. The texts on genuine mixers are most often engraved, while on fakes, the paint is applied to the metal superficially.
  2. Different thickness levers for switching water. Original single-lever mixers have a reliable metal handle, while for fakes it can be plastic.
  3. The method of fastening the inlets that are screwed into a brass case at a fake. GROHE features a robust, welded connection of flexible leads inside the polymer seat at the base of the mixer.
  4. The original crimp eyeliner elements are branded and fit snugly against the flexible tubes.
  5. The underwater parts of GROHE mixers are supplied complete (assembled) with Maronite gaskets or rubber seals.

Distinctive features of the Eurodisc collection for the bathroom:

  • trademark. The original bath mixer has a bright, clear logo, written in the correct font, even letters without pixelation;
  • The inner cartridge complies with European hygiene and safety standards. It is attached with two screws through a special washer. The cork portion of the lever is a truncated brushed metal cylinder;
  • the products are made of modern components, characterized by the high build quality, which guarantees a long service life. Fakes, in turn, cannot boast of durability;
  • rotary adjustment lever cast has a significant thickness.

Eurodisc kitchen faucets

The first thing that makes the original stand out is its more compact size and flat bottom of the mixer. A close inspection will help to identify the difference in logo printing. GROHE submarine hoses have hex holes. Crimp sleeves are planted tightly, sharp edges are absent. The cartridge seat is equipped with o-rings. The interior of the fake spout is characterized by a characteristic reddish tint since it is made of a low-quality alloy, unsuitable for use in the food industry.

If counterfeit products come across

Fake GROHE plumbing fails after a few months after active use: the upper chrome coating is erased, a leak appears, there is extraneous noise, and a cartridge crackle. If the product was purchased in a store, the consumer has the right to return it back. If employees refuse to accept a faulty device, it is necessary to contact the GROHE SC for an examination in order to identify a fake. Further, the buyer should send a corresponding application to Rospotrebnadzor.

When a fact of sale of counterfeit products is revealed, regional experts at GROHE, together with representatives of special services, will visit the outlet to conduct outreach activities and impose certain sanctions.

The sale of counterfeit GROHE products entails liability in accordance with the license rights of the brand and the established laws of the Russian Federation.

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