GROHE Collections

GROHE Collections

Each GROHE collection is a unique combination of grace and comfort, implemented in a specific style.

Cosmopolitan Style

Sophisticated and honest, Cosmopolitan style mixers represent a delicate balance of design and functionality. Influenced by minimalism and modern architecture, they combine bold geometric shapes with advanced technology.

The bathroom evolves from a purely functional space to a place where you can relax and unwind. The unique features contained in the Cosmopolitan series offer faucets that enhance the design of any bathroom.

Freestanding faucets will give you the freedom to place the bath anywhere in the room and create a sculptural central part, while wall-mounted faucets smoothly pour into the surroundings. Showers of bright colors will become an elegant touch in the interior of the bathroom, and accessories functionally complement the room.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary collections combine timeless design with practical features to create a cozy bathroom that is suitable for the whole family. Durable and reliable, the faucets combine soft lines and high quality with the help of characteristics that are easy to use – such faucets harmoniously combine with the ceramics of the bathroom, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Hand showers, with their round and flowing shapes, perfectly complement the interior.

The result is a functional and comfortable space that will withstand passing trends and last a lifetime

Authentic Style

Inspired by the exquisite details of classical architecture and traditional interiors, Authentic collections combine the design and aesthetics of the past with modern technology. Designed to provide a soothing and nostalgic atmosphere, faucets blend harmoniously with the decorative elements of innovative technology to enhance the style of your bathroom.

Three-hole mixers are an ideal choice for an authentic bathroom – they are made in a traditional style, but are convenient to use.

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