GROHE – a global manufacturer 2

GROHE – a global manufacturer 2


A high level of competence in the field of quality control and development guarantees the reliability and durability of the products. GROHE’s manufacturing facilities adhere to the strictest European quality standards TÜV and DVGW, which stimulate the continuous development and promotion of new engineering or design developments. Numerous product tests also confirm a decent level of quality. GROHE Lifetest laboratories test their durability under real-life conditions, guaranteeing more than 10 years of continuous operation.

The production process is becoming a real source of inspiration for company employees. Impressed by the accuracy and precision of production, some employees even create amazing videos about how the work of factories is implemented.


The design of each GROHE product, created by its own design bureau, is sophisticated and unique. This allows you to choose a solution for any life situation. The unique appearance, the unusual forms, the conciseness of the outlines emphasize the individuality of each home, allow you to create a unique atmosphere of home or public interior. The sophisticated lines and ergonomics of GROHE plumbing fixtures ensure ease of use and ease of use.

Many design awards, including such awards as IF, Good Design, Red Dot, characterize a rational and competent approach to production. In 2011-2012, the company’s designers became the best team according to European experts Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen.

Sustainability and profitability

The core concept of GROHE is based on the principles of sustainable use of natural resources. In mid-2014, she became one of the winners of the Sustainable Development Award in the Resource Efficiency nomination. Success was consolidated in 2015-16 when the company entered the top five winners and was nominated for the title of the largest economically and environmentally efficient company in the country. In 2017, GROHE was awarded the CSR Government Award.

An important element of the internal professional corporate culture is strict adherence to the principles of sustainable development. He found reflection in the main processes. The production of high-quality energy-efficient products, high social responsibility, and adherence to technology are the key tasks of the corporation.

The concept of environmental friendliness includes not only caring for employees but also attention to customers, the population of the regions where production facilities are located. In November 2009, the GROHE Dual Tech program was launched, the main purpose of which was to provide a promising and fulfilling future for the younger generation. GROHE JAL Academy specialized educational institution was opened in Indian Mumbai. Young people from poor families could receive the profession of plumber masters in this educational institution. To date, this project is being expanded. It is planned to open an academy in cities such as the Philippine Manila and Indian New Delhi.

Powerful potential helps GROHE throughout its history to set a good example in the field of digital technology and inventions related to the plumbing industry. Brand products are available in almost every hotel, shopping center, office building. It is in demand among private individuals. After all, the brand combines unsurpassed workmanship, unique design, and reliability.

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