Choose glass packages

Choose glass packages

Step-by-step Instructions

When installing windows, manufacturers, and sellers most often try to draw our attention to the quality of the profile. However, it is the double-glazed window that forms the key characteristics of the window: it accounts for 80% of the total area of ​​the structure, and it is through it that the main heat loss of the apartment occurs. We will analyze the key points that will help you choose a design that provides the necessary sound and heat insulation, the desired level of strength and transparency.

Step 1

Determine the number of air chambers

The first thing you need to think about when choosing double-glazed windows is the number of air chambers. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages of one-, two- and three-chamber double-glazed windows.

  • Single chamber double-glazed windows

This type of double-glazed windows consists of two sheets of glass, an air pocket between them and an airtight structure, which we will talk about later. The advantage of such double-glazed windows is the ease of construction, the disadvantage is that they can hardly be called heat-saving. On average, compared with double-glazed windows, they lose 25% more heat, so this type of structure is suitable for glazing balconies, arbors, and other non-residential buildings.

  • Double-glazed windows

It consists of three sheets of glass, forming two air chambers. The most common option.

Such double-glazed windows on average provide sound insulation from noise with a power of 27 dB on a scale, where 0 is absolute silence, and 140 dB is the sound of an airplane engine. In other words, in a room with two-chamber double-glazed windows, you will hear the wall clock ticking in the room, forgetting about the car noise outside the window.

From the point of view of heat conservation, such double-glazed windows show themselves much better than single-chamber and are suitable for most regions of Russia with a minimum temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius.

The disadvantages include the fact that two-chamber windows let in less light than single-chamber windows. However, at the household level, this is hardly noticeable.

  • Three-chamber double-glazed windows

This type of glass is used to enhance sound and heat insulation. Three-chamber double-glazed windows are installed if the temperature in the street is below -40 degrees. With an increase in the number of double-glazed windows, the sound insulation also increases – by an average of 3-5 dB with each additional section, which is important if there is a highway with very heavy traffic outside the window.

The lack of three-chamber double-glazed windows in low light transmission. It is also worth considering that such structures are heavy and require additional strengthening of the frames and base.

Step 2

Double-glazed insulation test

Protecting your air pocket is one of the most important aspects that you should pay attention to. When moisture gets in, the glass begins to fog up, and at low temperatures even frost formation is possible. This leads to a loss of transparency and crashes the glass. Therefore, you need to pay attention to three elements: distance frame, dehumidifier and sealants. The remote frame has two functions. It is responsible for fixing the distance between the glasses and is an impenetrable barrier to water vapor. When choosing a double-glazed window, pay attention to frames made of aluminum or galvanized steel, such a material copes better with moisture protection than plastic.

Dehumidifier. The frame is hollow in its structure and inside contains a desiccant in the form of granules and gas, which fills the air pocket to improve heat-shielding qualities. The task of the dehumidifier is to absorb even the smallest amount of moisture that has appeared in the frame, while not passing gas molecules. You will not lose if you choose a double-glazed window in which molecular sieves or silica gel are used as a desiccant (a mix of these products is also possible).

Sealants. Isolation is the most important issue when choosing double-glazed windows. You can close your eyes to the plastic frame and not the highest quality dehumidifier, however, with poor sealants, your double-glazed window will lose transparency in the first season. The most reliable sealants are in the form of butyl for gluing internal joints, as well as polysulfide for external processing of the space between the glass and the frame.

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