Choose glass packages 2

Choose glass packages 2

Step 3

Choosing an air pocket filler

Now that you are confident in the insulation of the air pocket, you need to determine its filling.

Vacuum double-glazed window. Most often, manufacturers offer double-glazed windows with ordinary air or designs with the attractive name of “vacuum double-glazed window.” Of course, vacuum in the air pocket is not possible, and the manufacturer offers you simply discharged air. Such a design will really help to reduce heat loss in comparison with ordinary air, but it is not the best offer in terms of thermal insulation characteristics.

Inert gas. Now relevant is the method of filling the air pocket with inert gases. Most often, manufacturers offer krypton (Kr) and argon (Ar). Krypton is better at protecting your home from heat loss, but costs significantly more.

Inert gases have a higher density compared to ordinary or discharged air. Due to this, in combination with glasses, we get a layered medium, which according to the laws of acoustics reflects most of the sound waves and increases the heat transfer resistance.

For example, if you have a single-chamber double-glazed window and the outdoor temperature is -26, then the temperature of glass with an ordinary double-glazed window will be +5, and a double-glazed window with argon will show a result of +7.

Step 4

Glass selection

The most interesting part of choosing a double-glazed window.

Consider the main types of glasses and their functions.

Safety glass. The purpose of such double-glazed windows is to cause minimal harm to humans during destruction. Safety glasses are mainly of two types: reinforced and tempered. The first is held in the design of the double-glazed window, without forming fragments. Tempered glass forms fragments, but in the form of small rounded balls that cannot cause significant harm to humans.

Such double-glazed windows, as a rule, are chosen for airports, shops and other places of crowded places.

Shockproof glass. This type of double-glazed windows is manufactured using the “triplex” technology, combining several different glasses. They come in different categories: they are able to withstand the impact of stone, they are immune even to the blow of an ax. The installation of such glasses helps to forget about the grilles, shutters and protective shutters.

Sunglass. We are used to perceiving sun-protection double-glazed windows as a way to protect ourselves from bright sunshine. There really are such ones and basically, they are colored glasses. Metal oxides added to molten glass determine its light transmission properties and are painted in bronze, gray, green or blue in the form of a nice bonus.

But besides this type of glass, many companies offer double-glazed windows with the sun-protection film. Their function is to protect the room from heating by taking solar energy onto itself. Such glasses usually have different tinting options, so they can protect you from the bright sun no worse than painted with oxide.

Energy-saving glass. Most of the heat loss in the apartment is due to the windows. In order to save on utility costs over time, you can spend one time when installing glass with a low emission coating. Such a coating allows the passage of solar radiation into the room but prevents the energy of heating systems from leaving it.

Decorative glass. There are many options to make your windows more interesting. It can be stained glass and embossed glass, as well as various forms of decorative binding for them.

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