Care for wooden and PVC windows

Care for wooden and PVC windows

Protecting the surface of painted wood products used in the open is an important procedure for proper care since moisture, dust, drizzle, and salt accelerate the wear of finishes. In addition, as practice shows, PVC window profiles, so massively installed throughout Russia due to their low cost, turn yellow and lose their fresh shine over time, and sometimes crack or deform. To protect window frames from adverse effects, not so long ago, special products appeared on the market for the care of wooden windows and PVC windows. Consider these materials in more detail using the product example. Italian company Renner.

Wooden windows

So that the buyer does not have to worry about the choice of the entire range of materials, Renner offers a ready-made set of window care products for wooden frames, which includes several components.

  1. Neutral detergent RR 1050. Removes tarry, dusty and oily deposits from window frames. It is very simple to use, just spray the cleaner on the product, wait a few minutes and wipe it dry with a napkin.
  2. Restorative protective emulsion RR 1250. Gives the coating its original shine and smoothness. Thanks to its special composition, in a few minutes the emulsion penetrates into small cracks and repairs damage caused by natural wear. A clean, dry sponge or microfiber cloth is required for the application. First, thoroughly wipe the detergent composition dry, wait a few minutes, then evenly treat the frame with an emulsion.
  3. Lubricating oil for fittings. Using it is also very simple – the packaging is equipped with convenient nipples.
  4. Sealant cleaner. The rubber seal on wooden frames loses its elasticity over time, due to which the window can become leaky. Therefore, the sealant also needs to be cleaned and treated with a special agent (based on glycerol).

The procedure must be performed twice a year, in warm, dry spring and autumn days. In a metropolis, where the environment is much more aggressive, the procedure should be carried out more often, as the windows become dirty.

PVC windows

For PVC windows, neutral detergent RR 1051 and restorative protective emulsion RR 1251 are provided. Oil for fittings and means for sealant are similar to those for wooden windows.

The procedure for processing plastic windows is completely identical to wooden. However, it is worth paying attention to a number of significant points. The following products should never be used to clean coatings, as they may damage the coating:

  • detergents commonly available on the market for uncoated PVC (e.g. for general use, degreasers, etc.);
  • chemical solvents (such as alcohol, acetone, trichloroethylene, etc.);
  • aggressive chemicals in general (such as bleach, ammonia, etc.).

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