Emma Rodriguez 2020-07-31 09:20

How to Make Changes in Your Character in Fortnite

While Epic Games tries to upgrade its character in a battle versus Apple and Google, Fortnite players all over the world keep fighting to be the last one standing. The game is good the way it is, but its popularity leads to lots of similar fighters on any island. It’s fun to have your character differing from them all. In team or duo modes being recognizable is useful, especially in split-screen mode.

Skin Trade

While creating a completely new Fortnite character is, in fact, impossible beyond default options, there are rich customization options that can help show your personality. By default, you play a random character the system assigns. If you want to have your unique appearance, it’s done through skins (or outfits).

Knowing how to change your character in Fortnite gives you extra motivation to play. Your looks become recognizable; you may match with a popular streamer… or become a popular streamer yourself. If you play Fortnite just for fun, there will be more fun. 

So, prepare some V-Bucks, the same in-game currency that caused so much controversy between Epic and mobile app markets. If you want a constant, say, girl Fortnite character, it may take some investments.

How to Change the Appearance of Your Character in Fortnite

This instruction goes out to all the versions, regardless of the platform.

  1. Go to your Locker tab. In Locker, you can select accessories and appearance details for your Fortnite alter ego.
  2. Select the Outfits slot.
  3. In the Outfits section, select the set of clothes and accessories for your fighter. It has a lot of options that let you customize the look the way you want it.
  4. Equip your selected items by confirming your choice.

What Does It Take?

custom fortnite characters


You may know perfectly how to change character in Fortnite, but if your game version is obsolete, it will not let you do it. In fact, it won’t even let you play the game until you install the updates necessary. So keep track of updates and make sure you have the latest version installed.


Fortnite is more than free to play: it’s free to win. One has to pay only to enjoy extras like changing outfits. The way to get the loudest bang for your V-buck is, of course, purchasing the current season’s Battle Pass. You can also purchase a new skin in the Fortnite store directly, and it will be available as your choice as you enter the game. 

Battle Pass also brings you new quests and challenges, tournaments, pets, umbrellas, and stuff. If you’re seriously into Fortnite, you need that Battle Pass to customize your character even deeper.

All the purchases are made with V-bucks that need to be bought for real money. That was the point of the conflict between Epic and mobile app stores. Now you cannot buy V-bucks within your Android or iOS app even if it’s still on your device: you will need to do it through Epic website, desktop, or console version of Fortnite.


fortnite hyperion character

If you don’t want to pay just bucks for your V’s, you can earn them by progressing to new levels and winning battles. As you level up and reach higher tiers, you get more free V-bucks. Now you need to track the missions the game offers and complete them in order to get rewards.

It works both ways: first, you try hard to earn your V-bucks and get your outfits, then your unique appearance makes you a star. Or a harder target. Or closer to your real self. Whatever: get your outfits, select them as you start, and you will progress from a random player to the personality you are.

Your Looks Matter!

So, you can change your looks in Fortnite, free or paid way. Have you used this opportunity? Did you prefer to pay or to fight your way through? What outfits do you like the most? Share your impressions in the comments. And we’ll appreciate them.