Benefits of GROHE

Benefits of GROHE

GROHE is a world leader in plumbing and sanitary fixtures.

And that’s why:

Masters of Technology

Masters of technology – not just a beautiful slogan. The history of GROHE begins in 1936, but its roots go back to the 18th century. We seek and find inspiration in the history of progress – and we create it ourselves. Technology and innovation are not only motion vectors but also our main principles. GROHE creates technologically advanced, innovative and durable products, as evidenced by millions of users around the world.

Own production

The majority of GROHE products are manufactured in our own factories in Germany, Portugal, and Thailand. At each of them, the highest quality standards are fully respected, which allows us to guarantee the durability of the products.

Quality assurance

The GROHE faucets and shower systems are warranted for 5 years, and for individual items, 10 years. However, the service life of our products is usually much longer. An important point of the warranty is that the warranty includes the entire product and its components, and not individual parts.

Caring for the environment

Caring for the environment is another principle that we follow tirelessly. To reduce water consumption, but maintain the comfort of taking a bath or shower, we have developed EcoJoy technology, which reduces the amount of water consumed in different GROHE products by up to 50%. In GROHE installation systems, recyclable parts are specially marked in red.

Realizing that nature conservation largely rests on the shoulders of the younger generation, GROHE conducts special lectures for schoolchildren. These lectures explain GROHE’s approach to water and the conservation of this valuable resource.

SMART program and training

GROHE offers a loyalty program for professionals – plumbers, installers, installers, creating favorable conditions for beneficial cooperation.

Training is another feature of the company. GROHE creates conditions for training in plumbing and product understanding. In India, for example, there is a special GROHE academy in which young people receive free professional education.

Service centers all over the world

GROHE Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) are located throughout the country. Service specialists are ready to assist in resolving problems and difficulties.

Collaboration with major online stores and retail stores

GROHE cooperates with many large online stores, such as Walmart, Ozone, Technosila, 220 volts, Plumbing online, Wow, Online trade. In this row, it is also worth noting the official online store GROHE Due to the wide range, the client can choose the product that suits him and receive it as soon as possible. In addition to online platforms, GROHE products can be found in a wide network of retail stores and salons. In them, you can personally evaluate the quality of GROHE products.

Great team

A close-knit creative team – for GROHE these are not just words: the high class and professionalism of the GROHE team have been repeatedly noted by international experts. Separate merit belongs to the GROHE design team, who received the Red Dot Award in the category “Best Design Team”. Every employee, whether they work in a design team, a sales department or in production, becomes part of the GROHE family. We strive to inspire not only our users but also employees!

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