Before you buy a chandelier, read the designer’s advice!

Before you buy a chandelier, read the designer’s advice!

My experience with interior lighting allows me to talk about how necessary, I would say, the correct choice of fixtures is fundamentally important. But, unfortunately, people make a huge number of mistakes that, with a competent approach, could have been avoided. I will be glad if my tips, which I will give in this article, help you not to do them and find the right and best lighting solution for your home.

To begin with, I will say that lighting plays an unprecedentedly important role in our perception of the beauty of the interior. Light in general greatly affects our mood and even well-being. Therefore, a correctly selected lamp can not only enhance the impression of the interior but also correct some of the shortcomings and highlight the strengths. For example, visually raise the ceilings where necessary, or zoning the space.

  1. To begin with, the light must be planned at the stage of creating a design project. When making repairs, you should already have a good idea of ​​where to equip the outlets for the fixtures. I always advise my clients to provide more “light” points. A large selection of lighting types will allow you to diversify the lighting scenarios in the room.
  2. Based on the footage of the room, determine the number of bulbs in your future lamp. For example, for a living room of 20 sq.m. You will need a chandelier with 6 bulbs 60 watts or 9 bulbs 40 watts. But even with this option, it is best to provide additional light sources: a floor lamp, a table lamp or a sconce. Most manufacturers offer fixtures in collections where the same design is repeated in all models. This is very convenient, as it allows you to create a single stylistic ensemble in the room.
  3. When choosing a chandelier or lamp, do not chase the most expensive or cheapest models. After you have identified a number of fixtures that are suitable for technical parameters, determine the appearance. At the same time, the price of a lamp is not an indicator that it will be 100% the best.
  4. So, we choose a lamp that is suitable in appearance. At this stage, it is very important in which store you will buy it. It is desirable that the assortment is as wide and comprehensive as possible. I recently found an online store on the network. Fandeco, this is an interesting office, which also has many shops and showrooms in different cities, including, of course, in Moscow. In addition, there is a very convenient system for selecting fixtures for the interior. It is called online fitting. You take a suitable lamp and attach it to a photograph of your room. It is very simple, but this is just convenience. You do not need to create complex 3D models of rooms to understand whether this or that chandelier is suitable for your room.
  5. Try expanding your search horizons. I turn again to the fitting of fixtures from Fandeco because it has helped me recently to offer my customers several winning options. Moreover, initially we looked at other models with them, but with the help of fitting, we found completely unexpected, but very effective options.
  6. Pay attention to how the lamp looks when the light is on and off. In the daytime, the chandelier does not work, but this does not prevent it from continuing to decorate the interior.
  7. I would also advise you to think about how this or that lamp will be easy to maintain and safe. You probably know even without me, then in the bathroom, you need to put lights with a protection factor of IP 44 or more. Other options need to be agreed with specialists. In the kitchen, it is best to choose chandeliers or suspensions, which can be easily removed and washed, because due to special conditions, the lamps here are polluted faster than others. For the nursery, it is worth buying the safest lamps: with shades or lampshades made of textile, durable plastic or wood.

If you have such an opportunity, then when choosing a lamp for your home, it is best to contact a specialist for help. This can be a professional designer or a good sales consultant in a store (as, for example, in the same Fandeco). I would be glad if my advice will help you avoid mistakes and make your life more beautiful and brighter!

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