10 Terms Non-Masters Usually Don’t Know

10 Terms Non-Masters Usually Don’t Know

People often come to our forum with the question “what is this?”, “What is …?”. We decided to create a mini-dictionary. Today – 10 terms that can be heard during the repair.

At the same time, we suggest you check yourself whether all the terms from the list are familiar to you?

  1. Melamine film
  2. KDSP
  3. Glaze paints
  4. Fillet
  5. Aquapanel
  6. Beytsy
  7. Rapport
  8. Hevea
  9. Main switchboard
  10. Euro saw

1. Melamine film – decorative paper-based on the melamine-formaldehyde resin (hence the name). Most often used to cover cabinet furniture. It differs from other coatings in ease of application, a wide range of colors and patterns, low cost in production.

2. KDSP – lined chipboard. Conventional particleboard coated with a special adhesive and paper-resin films. KDSP practically does not differ from usual chipboard, except for a smooth colored surface, which, as a rule, becomes unusable after a few years.

3. Glaze paints – a translucent coating that carries decorative and protective functions. It can be used both as a top coat and as an independent material. Scope: practically any surfaces, external and internal works.

4. The fillet is a narrow bar. Another name is ceiling skirting. It is mounted in the corner between the ceiling and the wall in order to close cracks, bumps, and gaps. It is made of various materials: polystyrene, polyurethane, gypsum, wood, plastic.

5. Aquapanel – a cement-mineral slab reinforced on both sides with a fiberglass mesh. There are water panels for exterior and interior, characterized by increased moisture resistance.

6. Fighters – (from German. Beize – stain). Painting compounds used to cover wooden structures while maintaining the structure of the tree itself. Fighters are aquatic and non-aquatic. If water is used mainly for indoor wood and requires subsequent varnish treatment. That non-aquatic calmly tolerate the negative impact of atmospheric factors and do without additional coatings.

7. Wallpaper rapport – repeat the picture. The number of centimeters indicated on the roll indicates the size of the pattern, after which the same pattern begins.

8. Hevea massif – (Hevea is a genus of evergreen trees of the family Euphorbiaceae). The furniture made of its wood is characterized by high strength and durability. Due to the fact that the tree is tropical, it also has increased moisture resistance.

9. Main switchboard – the main switchboard. A system that receives and subsequently distributes electricity.

10. Euro-saw of countertops – the connection of countertops at a right angle, with a special design mounted on the underside of the countertop so that the seam remains almost invisible.

Tell us what terms do you most often have to explain to your customers?

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