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"JÚrome Lejeune, M.D., Ph.D., tells us much about the intricacies of the beginning of human life. Contrary to the popular view that the tiny baby becomes more and more "developed" as the weeks of pregnancy go on, Dr. Lejeune says that the very first cell, the fertilized egg, is "the most specialized cell under the sun." No other cell will ever again have the same instructions in the life of the individual being created.

In the words of Dr. Lejeune, "Each of us has a very precise starting moment which is the time at which the whole necessary and sufficient genetic information is gathered inside one cell, the fertilized egg, and this is the moment of fertilization. There is not the slightest doubt about that and we know that this information is written on a kind of ribbon which we call the DNA."

He explains that the fertilized egg contains more information about the new individual than can be stored in five sets (not volumes) of the Encyclopedia Britannica (if enlarged to normal print). To further emphasize the minuteness of this language, Dr. Lejeune states that if all the one-metre-long DNA of the sperms and all the one-metre-long of the ova which contain the instructions for the 5 billion human beings who will replace us on this planet were brought together in one place the total amount of matter would be roughly the size of two aspirin tablets."

~Alliance of MN, Inc. from She's a Child, Not a "Choice"

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