Tim is with God now

Many years ago I had a sexual relationship with a woman and she became pregnant.   I was very happy about it, even though it presented some problems.

A short time later I was struck by a feeling of dread.  I knew when I couldn't get in touch with the woman that she had gone for an abortion. 

I was grieved very deeply for my son, for I knew he had been a little boy.  I cried out unto the Lord and He answered me.  He said "Vengeance is mine, My son, but love and mercy are My ways."

I believed in my heart at that time that I had forgiven her.  My own guilt had not yet overtaken me.  It was a situation which never should have been.  I knew better.

Try as I might, I could not forget the little boy.  In my mind I could see him grow, I pictured him year by year.  And I hurt for him so badly.

I was reading the Bible and praying about the little boy who had never been.   I broke down in an agony of tears until I heard the Lord call to me.

He said "Look up here, My son, I have your little boy right here."   I looked up in the Spirit and there was God on His throne, in the midst of a brilliant white light.  In His right hand sat the sweetest most beautiful little boy.   And God said, "I have your son right here, I call him 'Tim'."

It took me hours to recover but the first thing I wondered was why God called him 'Tim'.  It was not a name I would have called him. I looked it up in Strongs Concordance and it means "Dear to God".

From that day on, I was able to stop grieving.  Yet I am forever awed by the great mercy and compassion of God that He could care that much for an unwanted little boy and his father. 

Glory be to God, Who alone knows the ways of God.
(Ecclesiastes 12:7)

Tim is with God now

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